Company Overview

PT. ESA Kreasi Negri was established on May 6th 2019

Our product is ESA, stand for Emergency Service Application. It was a platform to handle 112 Emergency Call Center which consist of module Call Taker, Dispatcher dan Field Responder for both web or mobile apps.

ESA has been operated by 30 cities in Indonesia

Furthermore, we are moving forward to be a startup company focusing in handling emergency situation.

PT Esa strives to be a leading company in providing emergency service application

Our mission

  • To produce comprehensive and reliable Emergency Service Application system to support the 112-emergency call center.
  • ESA Mobile Apps always be in people’s minds and as primary help in an emergency condition.
  • Fast response, smart and solution oriented
  • Preparing Human Resource to enhance ESA’s product.

Esa Kreasi

how can we help you?

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Dengan adanya nomor telepon tunggal pelayanan darurat 112 akan lebih memperkuat pelayanan kepada masyarakat

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