1. Log initial incident info: false, info, true case (fill in the info)
2. Map out incident:

  • Identify nearby environmental concerns, Plot impacted & affected areas

3. Organize Incident Command Team
4. Notify nearby responders through app (phone / text message)
5. Onsite audio/picture/video logging
6. Notify the emergency contact saved in the apps (friend/family)
7. Interaction: call, SMS, chat, video call, data call
8. Emergency Mass notification

  • Severe weather, To give early warnings of floods, hurricanes and other natural disasters.

Example : Jakarta Standby Status 1 of Flood, notify community near affected river

  • Gas line or water main break
  • Hazardous road spills
  • Active shooters, riot, tawuran
  • Informasi kejadian bencana yang sedang terjadi akurat (dan bukan hoax) – sesuai area terdekat si masyarakat

9. Non Emergency notification:

  • Informasi kondisi cuaca, kelembaban curah hujan. (data BMKG)
  • Informasi pintu air (atau sejenisnya)
  • Power failure?

10. Notify I’m Safe (next enhancement)