• Two steps notification – to avoid false emergency report.
  • If the user press the “Help Button” or “Panic Button” once, it sends an emergency triggering signal to the monitoring system and displays a message to notify the user that the remote panic button has being triggered. The controller will read the status of the unit and sends message (SMS) to the emergency service immediately.


To be discussed:

  • Panic button can be used to transmit the notification or signal to ambulance when the user are alone or unable to help themselves in certain circumstances. This will help them request for help which required the use of the service of ambulance. It saves time from calling and request for help which will slows down the rescue process by any means.
  • Video call for tuna rungu (addition feature to live chat while video call)
  • Untuk kasus penculikan, filter outbound call dilakukan oleh emergency services harus sepersetujuan caller?